Introduction Primary School Section

Baishan school is adhering to the concept of "train the international talent for the new age". Curriculum and teaching models are built around the stated goals in the daily teaching details. Baishan school students have superior learning hardware, a broader space for thinking and more independent learning environment.

Based on the concept of "integrated education", and the education mode of "taking children as the center and exploring as the basis", the research and development department of the Baishan Primary School has set up eight courses with unique characteristics: 1 National Course 2. Trans-disciplinary Course 3. American English Course 4. Sinology Course 5. Warm-heart Health Course 6. Specialty Development Course 7. Character developing Course 8. Study in the United States Program. The "National Course" includes all the nationally compiled textbooks, and compiles the daily curriculums of primary schools according to a certain percentage with " Trans-disciplinary Course ", "American English course", "Sinology Course" and "Specialty Development Course", and is Co-taught by Chinese and foreign teachers.

"Warm heart Health Course", "Character Growth Camp", and "Studying in the United States" are courses carried out in stages. For example, the "Character Growth Camp" is a project where students from each grade level live together for one week. "Studying in the United States" is a transnational activity, in which the sixth grade students collectively go to the United States to study for one semester, under the guidance of the teacher.

Our Affiliations: Qingdao Amerasia International School BaiShan Montessori Teacher Education Institute Professional Committee of Basic Education of Private Educational Association in Shandong Province